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Molino Bertolo is distinguished from other mills by the high quality of its products. This is guaranteed by daily checks carried out regularly and accurately through the entire supply chain: from the arrival of raw materials to the finished product.

The conscientiousness of Molino Bertolo guarantees customers a safe product.


Cerificazione ISO 9001
ISO 9001


Molino Bertolo quality is ISO 9001 certified. This certification embraces consistent productivity growth aimed at meeting customers’ needs ever more precisely and maintaining product quality over time.

Quality management means not only carrying out daily quality tests in our laboratory, but also monitoring production processes with a view to carefully assessing efficiency and effectiveness in reaching corporate targets. This is done by an ad-hoc group of staff guided by the company’s management.

To view our ISO 9001 certificate, click on this link.


Certificato biologico


Molino Bertolo produces certified organically farned flour.The organic certification guarantees that products are obtained by a production process that respects Nature and is carried out sustainably. Organic farming usesabsolutely no GMO's,makes a very limited use of food additives and strictly limits the use of pesticides and fertilisers. This is the commitment that has led Molino Bertolo to certify its products, as it cares about the environment and especially about its customers’ health. Molino Bertolo's organic quality is guaranteed by the European logo on its labels. Organic products ensure health and quality, and this is the daily purpose of Molino Bertolo.

To wiew our organic certificate this link.


Certificazione Kasheruth


Production at Molino Bertolo is steadily increasing. We have obtainedKosher certification that ensures our products are of the highest quality standards and respect the precepts of the Jewish religion.

To view our Kosher certificate click on this link.




Molino Bertolo has also obtained KAMUT® certification, which guarantees that the certified, non-hybrid, organic wheat it uses is original, unmodified and not GMO, and will maintain its ancestral flavour and peculiarities.KAMUT® wheat is extremely pure, highly nutritious and of the best quality: an excellent source of proteins, fibres, vitamin B1, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, antioxidants, and mineral salts such as copper, selenium and manganese. Molino Bertolo offers its customers flour of the highest quality.




Introduced in 2012, legality rating is a tool for Italian companies designed to promote ethical corporate behaviour by assigning a score – measured in stars – that indicates how strictly the law is observed by participating companies and, in general, how committed they are to the proper management of their business.

Molino Bertolo has always pursued transparent, proper management of its business and has obtained this important rating.

It is now in the Legality Rating list that brings together the most virtuous Italian companies. To see our rating certificate, click on this link.