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Since 1742 a story of passion, commitment and research.

The Molino Bertolo® of today is a reality with a long tradition behind it, an experience given by five generations of millers and an untiring desire to look to the future.

From Castello di Godego, birthplace in the mid-18th century, to the technologically advanced facility of today's Covolo di Pederobba, a journey that has been able to traverse the years by acquiring from every period, and from the territory in which the mill sinks the roots, a deep awareness and experience.

The secrets and recipes handed down from father to son have found, in each generational step, an enrichment in technology, in vision and in the desire to prosper what before a job is a family legacy.

A legacy that today is ready to be, once again, a solid foundation for a future that is still capable of intertwining tradition and innovation.


The company dedicates large resources to the control system of all work phases, from storage to processing and mixing, using cutting-edge technological systems such as:

  • security tumblers,
  • magnets,
  • metal-detector,
  • traceability,
  • computerized HACCP self-monitoring system,
  • periodic analyzes in the internal laboratory on the grains purchased and on all the flours produced.

We also guarantee the constant control by an external company for the prevention of pests.

In 1993 the purchase of innovative German BÜHLER machinery marked an important turning point in the work and in the company productivity. Packaging has also been modernized thanks to robotic palletization.

In 2009, a new generation plant was created with state-of-the-art facilities and designed for products of excellence that are constant over time. Cleaning, stripping, grinding, bagging are carried out with the utmost quality control and meet the hygienic - sanitary requirements required by the regulations.